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Meet Carol Corry, MBA '16
Meet Carol Corry, MBA '16

My Background

I am originally from Tucson, Arizona, where I received a bachelor's degree in Classics from the University of Arizona. After working briefly as a case manager for a non-profit organization, I then decided to move to Portland and pursue a career in retail management before attending Portland State University to obtain an MBA.

My Experience at Portland State University

My experience in the MBA program at Portland State University has been a time of tremendous growth and challenges, and has been a unique opportunity for me to cultivate my potential as a business leader. I have been so impressed with both the professors and fellow students in the MBA program. The professors not only have prestigious academic backgrounds, but also have the practical knowledge of having worked in their fields and are able to pass that knowledge on to the students. This combined with the diverse group of students from varied backgrounds, both professionally and culturally, has lent to a very enriching experience for me at PSU.

My Future Goals

After graduation, I hope to contribute to the increased diversity and gender equality in the corporate environment. My ultimate goal is to one day become the CEO or CFO of a small to medium sized company, with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.

Carol is a Graduate Business Programs Ambassador, a group of students and alumni dedicated to sharing what it is really like to be a masters student at Portland State. Click here to contact Carol.