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Jen Armbruster
Jen Armbruster

Could you tell me a little about your personal experience with diversity on campus?

There’s just a lot of different things for people to get involved with here, no matter what your recreation level or your fitness level is. I just found it very easy and accommodating for people.

And how do you feel like you fit in the diverse tapestry of students and faculty here?

Coming out here, I was just about to start my new family. We had a son on the way, and the fact that Portland State recognizes domestic partnerships and really recognizes that family unit was huge for me.

What is the most important thing that you have learned here at PSU?

Really just fitting in, just feeling welcome. I’m brand new here, just a little over a year now, but I think that just that welcoming vibe of “we want you to belong here, we want you to be part of the Portland State community.”

What advice would you give to a new student coming to Portland State?

I think you have to check it out. Portland State just offers you a niche to fit in, be as unique an diverse as you want but also find another group of people that might have similarities.