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Fall 2017 Term Prize: The Site Plan
Fall 2017 Term Prize: The Site Plan

Recipients of the School of Architecture Fall 2017 Term Prize were honored at a ceremony on December 6, 2017, in Shattuck Hall Annex.

The Term Prize is intended to encourage and celebrate the creation of exquisite drawings, models and artifacts at all levels across the school, with a different mode of expression each term. In Fall 2017 we focused on the site plan as a mode of communication, encouraging architecture students in studio courses, from freshmen to graduate students, to explore a variety of techniques, scales, media, and materials to create exceptional representations of their architectural sites. 

Exemplary site plans, generated in every studio course, were nominated by our faculty members during final reviews in Fall term. Below are the models that were selected to receive the Fall Term Prize.

The Fall 2017 Term Prize Recipients

Larisa Bloomstrom
Visual Communication 1 (ARCH 120)
BA/BS Architecture Student

Larisa Bloomstrom Arch 120

Christopher Sowell
Design Fundamentals Studio 1 (ARCH 280)
BA/BS Architecture Student
Kaden Burdick
Design Fundamentals Studio 2 (ARCH 380)
BA/BS Architecture Student
ARCH 480 - Entire Studio Class (Professor Sergio Palleroni)
Design Fundamentals Studio 4 (ARCH 480)
BA/BS Architecture Students
Molly Esteve
Architectural Design Transition Studio II (ARCH 571)
Master of Architecture Student
Bijeta Choudhury
Architectural Design Studio 7 (ARCH 580)
Master of Architecture Student

Site Plan by Bijeta Choudhury, Master of Architecture student

Connor Scher
Integrated Systems (ARCH 586)
Master of Architecture Student