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Fabiana Pedroso de Araujo, MBA ‘15
Fabiana Pedroso de Araujo, MBA ‘15

For architect and MBA alumna Fabiana Pedroso de Araujo, sustainability is the common thread between constructing a building -- and building a B-Corp. That focus drove her to apply for the Portland MBA program at The School of Business. Her degree, coupled with a solid background of sustainable business practices, is what earned her current position as the Senior Standards Analyst at B-Lab. 

“Sustainability strategies in architecture and construction have been my professional focus since I first graduated from architecture school and continued to be a strong drive as I looked at developing my career,” said Fabiana. 

Prior to starting the MBA program at PSU’s School of Business, Fabiana received an Architecture and Urban Design bachelor’s degree from Universidade Mackenzie in São Paulo, Brazil, and a Masters in Architecture from Universitat Polictècnica de Catalunya. 

Today, Fabiana works for B Lab, a non-profit organization that certifies B Corporations, and whose goal is to support the triple bottom line of people, profits and the planet.

What was your previous experience in the industry?
My previous experience with business was working for small to medium enterprises in the architecture field as well as collaborating with other consulting organizations of similar sizes. In my roles at different architecture firms, I helped to build proposals to clients, coordinated teams of consultants, managed design and construction projects, as well as developed a client-facing role to be able to capture customers needs and translate them into physical spaces.

What helped you achieve success in the program? 
There were two elements that were key in helping me achieve success in the program. The first was the support that I received from professors, not only on the specific subjects that they were teaching, but also on their mentoring, from projects to career direction. The second was the opportunity to participate in the leadership team of the Net Impact Graduate School of Business Student Chapter. This participation provided me the opportunity to connect directly with business leaders in sustainability and trace my path to focus on the subjects in school that would provide me with the skills needed to succeed as a sustainability professional.

How did you like living, working, and studying in Portland?
At the time that I started the MBA program, I had already been living in Portland for six years and have always really enjoyed the city. It has an entrepreneurial atmosphere, not to mention a strong focus on sustainable living. Studying in Portland was also very good because of the opportunity to study and be in close contact with the local business community through many of the initiatives provided by the school. 

What role did PSU play in helping you further your career goals?
The MBA at The School of Business provided me with the opportunity to learn business skills that I had little knowledge of. The focus of the program on leadership, as well as elective classes that I joined with the MIM program on International Negotiations, helped me to develop the leadership skills that are necessary to lead a team, especially with a focus on global and remote-based stakeholders. Classes on Finance and Economics helped me to understand the financial sustainability of a firm and be able to support my decisions based on data and numbers. Electives focused on sustainability put me in touch with the world of business entrepreneurs that are trying to solve the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time. These are skills that I use daily in my work at B Lab.

What would you say to fellow alumni or currents students to encourage them?
I'd say that the MBA is an opportunity to open doors to a new or continuing career. Be curious and participate in as many events, gatherings, talks as possible. Also, connect with professionals through informations interviews, not only while in school, but also through your professional life. I got some of the best advices and insights on career path through these conversations.