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Doctoral Student Danica Love Brown
Doctoral Student Danica Love Brown

 School of Social Work PhD Student

Danica completed an undergraduate degree in human services and addiction studies at Metropolitan State College of Denver and a master’s degree in social work at Colorado State University. Ms. Brown has practice experience working in mental health, substance abuse, and school social work settings, with a focus on working with socio-economic and ethnically diverse communities. She also has served as an adjunct faculty member at Metropolitan State College of Denver. Ms. Brown is licensed in the state of Colorado as a certified addiction counselor III. Her area of research focuses on understanding how the worldview of indigenous peoples can contribute to the development of behavioral health interventions and programs for urban Native American youth.

Ms. Brown’s postdoctoral goal is to engage in policy or program development practice and research with Native American populations while continuing to teach as an adjunct faculty member. She is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and loves dogs. Email: