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Diane Brunkow
Diane Brunkow

Role: Registration and Records Coordinator

PSU History: I came to PSU in May 2001 and worked in Continuing Education, as an Office Specialist II, supporting the noncredit and cooperative classes, assisting with registration, setting up courses and managing the course catalog.

Professional Focus: I have over 20 years experience working in higher education. I was a Grant Coordinator at The University of Montana Rural Institute on Disabilities; and Assistant to the Dean, School of Journalism at The University of Montana. I've been at PSU since 2001, working in Continuing Education; the Graduate School of Education GTEP Program; and the Early Childhood Training Center. I am on the board of directors, PSU Bookstore, serving on the scholarship committee, since 2010. I am very organized, pro-active to prevent issues from becoming problems, and focused on customer service (customers are anyone I come in contact with: students, faculty, co-workers, etc.).

Personal Interests: When I'm not at work I will be going on motorcycle rides with my husband, playing with my dog Josh, having lots of fun with my granddaughter (craft projects in the winter and sidewalk art with chalk in the summer), checking the progress of my garden, reading or knitting. On most weekends I am busy helping restore our house in Oakland, Oregon.  The house was built in 1868 and is on the historic register.