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Crystal Pardue
Crystal Pardue

Crystal Pardue is graduating with a Bachelor of Science in political science. During her time as an undergraduate at Portland State, Mrs. Pardue took courses in legal studies, criminology, and political philosophy. 

Mrs. Pardue is preparing to enter law school in 2015, as her career aspiration is to use the law for the pursuit of social justice. With compassion for members of society who cannot enjoy equal access to the law due to financial or other barriers, Mrs. Pardue plans to work with nonprofit and charitable legal organizations.

One of Mrs. Pardue’s most loved hobbies is playing the French horn. Over the course of nearly 12 years as a musician, Mrs. Pardue has performed with several distinguished symphonies, and has received many awards and recognition for her talent.

Mrs. Pardue currently lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her beloved husband Benjamin. She wishes to thank her family and dear friends for their love and support during her college career.