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Architectural Design Studio 9 (ARCH 582) Winter 2019
Architectural Design Studio 9 (ARCH 582) Winter 2019

Advanced investigations of architectural and urban design issues in concluding series of studios. Projects include the design of private and public buildings which require comprehensive, integrative design development. Includes individual criticism, lectures, and seminars.

This studio is the first of two required architectural studios designed to meet professional accreditation requirements for building design development. As the initial studio, its focus is on the primary components of “pre-design”: architectural design thinking, design issue exploration, site analysis, and conceptual design evolution. These activities set the stage for a successful design development phase. Through a series of design exercises, discussion of key readings, design investigations, and design presentations, the studio will create and advance a framework for more precise architectural works.

In this course, students will design an Aquatic Wellness Center along the Willamette River. The Center will serve as a place to unplug and reconnect with the elemental, providing physical healing and strengthening as well as emotional connection with self, others, and the environment. It may also activate the river’s edge – Portland's largest public space that remains relatively inaccessible along its shoreline.