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Architectural Computer Graphics I (ARCH 425/525): Winter 2017
Architectural Computer Graphics I (ARCH 425/525): Winter 2017

Taught by Assistant Professor Aaron Whelton, this course focuses on introducing concepts and methods of digital modeling, drawing, and making. Select industry standard software programs provide a platform for design methods that emphasize the ability to conceptualize, construct, combine and edit digital content across platforms to connect and combine workflows. Digital content is output in 2D and 3D forms for review through the School's digital hardware (printer, plotter, laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router).

This course proposes that digital design methods made possible by contemporary design software are more than a replication of their analog predecessors. The possibilities of computational design and parametric algorithms establish significant new territory for design exploration. These technologies open up opportunities to discover design inspiration from new sources, to measure new values and to implement new effects (both physical and ephemeral) that alter the way we interact with our environment.

Olga Yanchuk

Danette Papke

Dustin Gerkhardt

Jon Brearley