Students Produce 2006 Calendar Featuring Lands and Peoples of Nepal
Author: Angela D. Abel (503-725-8763) Office of Marketing and Communications
Posted: November 15, 2005

Portland State University undergraduate students, in collaboration with the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS), have produced "Journey to High Asia," a wall calendar featuring the landscapes and cultures of Nepal.

Created by Portland State University seniors as part of their University Senior Capstone and edited by Geography Professor Barbara Brower, the 2006 Journey to High Asia-Nepal includes stunning full-color pictures donated by photographers from all over the world, along with maps and text intended to answer the questions evoked by each month's photographs. The goal of the calendar is to deepen understanding of the landscapes, lives, and issues of High Asia and to foster appreciation and understanding for those cultures.

Charged with managing every aspect of the project, the 13 students, representing almost as many fields of study, worked in small groups focused on writing, research, production, design and marketing in order to produce a calendar that combined photographs of people and places of High Asia with carefully researched stories explaining the cultural and geographical context for the pictures.

"There is a sense of satisfaction in making a contribution to a calendar that will be used to bring about awareness of the Asian highlands. The Capstone class showed me how you could put a group of strangers together and in a few weeks, reach a common goal," said Andre Smith from the 2004 Capstone class, which first developed the concept and design for the Journey to High Asia calendar series.

As in the first year, a small but dedicated contingent of students continued working even after completion of the 20-week Capstone course to ensure that the new calendar was ready in time for 2006.

Professor Barbara Brower acknowledges her father David Brower, who designed some of the earliest large-format photography books and wall calendars, as inspiration for this calendar. "I was pretty smug about the idea of these calendars-my own contribution to the world-until I realized they are simply a reinvention, for teaching geography, of the large-format photo calendars and books my father, David Brower, pioneered as tools to awaken public interest in endangered wild places."

Sales from the calendar provide support for the non-profit Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, which works to educate and inspire appreciation for the High Asia region. Starting mid-November, copies will be available for $14 at the PSU Bookstore (1715 SW 5th Ave.), at Patagonia, by mail order to HIMALAYA, Geography Dept., Portland State University, P.O. Box 751, Portland, OR, 97207, and online (for $15 through PayPal) at

Senior Capstone and University Studies at Portland State University
The University Studies program at Portland State engages students from their first term to the last, providing and integrating curriculum that allows students to specialize within a major while developing the broad knowledge, skills and values needed to function as responsible global citizens. The program culminates in the Senior Capstone, a course that brings together faculty and a small group of students from different disciplines and interests to use their University training in the service of a community partner.

Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies
The Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies is a not-for-profit educational organization based in the United States. Its worldwide membership joins people with wide-ranging interests in the Himalaya, adjacent highlands and the Tarai. The goal of the ANHS is to raise the public profile of the world's highest region, increasing understanding about the unequaled diversity of human and natural worlds within the Himalaya-Karakoram-Hindukush and Tibet.

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