Student Legal Services Wins Most Outstanding Office Award
Author: J.R. Tarabocchia
Posted: January 29, 2012

The western region of the University Student Legal Services Association awarded Portland State University’s Student Legal Services the Most Outstanding Student Legal Services Office Award for 2011.  This award recognizes a student legal services office at a university or college in the western region for its outstanding contributions in the areas of innovation, student service, rebuilding or improving an existing service, and enhancing the overall components in student life.

One hallmark of Student Legal Services ("SLS") is its outreach and student engagement efforts.  SLS works with dozens of attorneys in the community to provide meaningful, interesting and fun events to PSU students.  SLS has hosted events on marijuana law, bicycle law, domestic partnership law, things students should know before going to law school, and others.  SLS has worked to be creative in its event formats from movies to panels, and lectures to fairs.  SLS is an active partner with PSU’s Pre-Law Society and help place many students in jobs and legal internships throughout the Portland metro area.  

SLS maintains strong partnerships with offices beyond its walls.  SLS attorneys work with the Multnomah County Bar Association to encourage minority populations to think about law as a viable career option.  Similarly, SLS periodically hosts The Classroom Law Project on campus to promote civic engagement to high school students.  Just last month, SLS worked with a local firm, Barran Liebman, and the Women’s Resource Center to host an event titled “Domestic Violence and the Law.”  This event taught attendees the legal rights maintained by survivors of domestic violence.