New Online (UNST) Course: TUR 341U in Fall 2016
Author: World Languages and Literatures
Posted: July 19, 2016

"What is life? I told Fuat that question is absurd. Absurd, absurd. Why should a person ask that? Those who read books and get confused ask. Does Aunt Zeynep ask? She lives. I live too. Now I'm going to sleep, in the morning I'll get up, I'll do my work, I'll get married, I'll eat, I'll smoke, I'll laugh , I'll do those things over and over again. Then I'll cross over to the other side."

--from Orhan Pamuk's Cevdet Bey and His Sons


NEW ONLINE COURSE FOR FALL 2016: TUR 341U Turkish Literature in English Translation

TUR 341U introduces great literature from modern Turkey in English translation. It will be offered online in Fall 2016

  • For WLL Turkish minors, WLL majors (adviser approved elective)
  • For University Studies: Global Studies cluster
  • For those interested in the Middle East, in Turkish Studies, and in modern literature
  • For anyone who is interested in how literature informs modern identities in different parts of the world

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