M.A. TESOL Applications Extended to March 15th
Author: admin
Posted: February 19, 2018

The MA TESOL degree qualifies its recipients to teach English at an advanced level to speakers of languages other than English. Typically the degree takes two years of (full-time) coursework culminating in a final project, thesis, or comprehensive exam. Further information on the The M.A. TESOL application is due March 15th.

These courses come from the following areas:

Language pedagogy

Language in society and in the mind

Linguistic theory and analysis

The training and course work provides students with knowledge of:

How people learn another language

Effective and practical teaching strategies and techniques

Language structure and linguistic analysis

After being awarded the degree, students will be well equipped to teach English to speakers of other languages, as well as to design, implement, and evaluate TESOL courses and even curricula. The MA TESOL is increasingly the degree of preference for employers both domestically and abroad.