Harry Anastasiou and Birol Yesilada lead and organize Peace Symposium on Cyprus
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Posted: February 28, 2011

Harry Anastasiou, Conflict Resolution faculty, and Birol Yesilada, Center for Turkish Studies faculty, led a team of internationally recognized scholars of conflict resolution and organized a Peace Symposium on Cyprus at George Mason University's ICAR Point of View International Conflict Resolution Center on Jan. 14-18. The symposium, structured as a dialogue workshop, brought together Greek and Turkish Cypriots, as well as Greeks and Turks. Each of these groups included prominent leaders and opinion formers from the mass media, leaders of civil society, heads of NGOs, and policy leaders who occupy a prominent place close to the current leaders of the Greek and Turkish Cypriots and the prime ministers of Greece and Turkey respectively. The Jubitz Family Foundation of Portland funded the project with additional funds provided by American University and George Mason University.