Dr. Shirley Jackson Published Caged Women: Incarceration, Representation, and Media
Author: Black Studies Department
Posted: June 1, 2018
Dr. Shirley A. Jackson, Black Studies Chair & ProfessorDr. Shirley A. Jackson and co-author Dr. Laurie Gordy (Newbury College) have just completed an interdisicplinary edited book on the lives of incarcerated women. Initially stemming from their interest as fans of the series and their work as sociologists, this work consists of original essays by faculty, practitioners, and graduate students.
The Netflix series Orange is the New Black has drawn widespread attention to many of the dysfunctions of prisons and the impact prisons have on those who live and work behind the prison gates. This anthology deepens this public awareness through scholarship on the television program and by exploring the real-world social, psychological, and legal issues female prisoners face. Each chapter references a particular connection to the Netflix series as its starting point of analysis.
Book cover of Caged Women: Incarceration, Representation, and Media, by Dr. Shirley Jackson & Dr. Laurie GordyThe book brings together scholars to consider both media representations as well as the social justice issues for female inmates alluded to in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. The chapters address myriad issues including cultural representations of race, class, gender, and sexuality; social justice issues for transgender inmates; racial dynamics within female prisons; gender and female prison structures/policies; treatment of women in prison; re-incarcerated and previously incarcerated women; self and identity; gender, race, and sentencing; and reproduction and parenting for female inmates.
The book was published June 2018 by Routledge under its Sociology Rewired series.