Congratulations to the College of Education Foundation scholarship winners!
Author: Jillian Daley
Posted: November 4, 2019

During the Portland State College of Education Foundation Dean’s Scholarship Celebration last week, dozens of academic achievers were recognized for their accomplishments.

The event—held on Friday at the University Place Hotel—attracted about 100 people, including the honorees of prestigious scholarships.

Below are the winners of 2019-20 scholarship awards that went to one student only:

Cesar Arellano-Sanchez: Gayle Thieman Scholarship

Alexis Atwood: Marilyn DeVault Scholarship, Walter Hathaway Endowed Fellowship, Wayne Larson Scholarship

Hafsa Awo: Curriculum & Instruction/GTEP/BTP Scholarship

Brandi Boyett: Eleanor Hardt Memorial Scholarship in Teacher Education

Caitlin Lucy Brown: Capps Family Scholarship

Calie Chapman: Mary Elizabeth York Scholarship for Students in Early Childhood Education

Ross Faulkenberg: Jorgensen Family Endowed Scholarship

Mayra Adriana Gonzalez: Sheldon Maron Endowed Scholarship

Janae Grieb: Brakke-Daggett-Petti Family Educational Leadership Endowed Scholarship

Sabrina Marie Hockett: The Robert and Normandie Holmes Scholarship

Emma Johnson: Drs. Bill and Ricky Korach Scholarship

Gaspar Lopez Lopez: Benenson Scholarship

Stephanie Manzer: David and Wilma Cox Science Education Scholarship

Karen Leon Moreno: Harris Family Endowed Scholarship

Rebecca Morton: Sandy Kaplan Endowed Scholarship

Marie Danielle Oates: Richard J. Sonnen Memorial Endowed Scholarship, Keith and Paula Stanovich Scholarship

Samantha Marie Paul: Marta and Ken Thrasher Scholarship

Rivkah Sivanah Ross: Founders Endowment for Special Education, Norbert Gilles Scholarship

Shmaumpt Sweetwater Sahme: Art Terry Scholars’ Fund

Shirley Dawn Stanfield: Carol Turner Scholarship

Below are the winners of awards that went to multiple students:

Barbara Ruben Award

Alexis Atwood

Pierre Espino

Brent Georgeson

Kenneth Harris

Betty and Larry Hittle Endowed Scholarship

Andra Marie Breshears

Hannah Ilene Nealy

Joshua Toole

College of Education Scholarship

Gaspar Lopez Lopez

Shmaumpt Sweetwater Sahme

College of Education Teacher Pathways Scholarship

Rebecca Armas Regino

Leticia Cortinas

Wesley Guy

Francisco Ibanez

Aaron Jimenez

Carlos Lasuncet

Robert McDonald

Emily Nguyen

Unique Robinson

Alejandro Santana

Cameron Simen-Dupon

Rebecca Uh

Kimberly Young

Dean Randy Hitz Honorary Scholarship

Lindsey Lundin

Taiya Wiers

Dilafruz Williams Leadership for Sustainability Education Scholarship

Jesse C. Deleon Guerrero

Chantal Krystiniak

Friends of the College of Education Scholarship

Cesar Astudillo Zepada

Thomas Benenati

Nini N. Bui

Joslynn Bigelow

Audrienne Manansala

Yesenia Orozco Ruelas

Jessica Rybak

Hanoch Livneh Rehabilitation Counseling Scholarship

Kathryn Emard

Sarah Michelle Roundtree

Janette Drew Scholarship

Lenka Becvar

Maria Beteta

Emma Biddulph

Eva Frazee Darling

Heather Renee Diaz

Chelsea Donahue

Whitney Tran Kha

Stephanie Manzer

Karen Leon Moreno

Katharine Dian Tapio

Mary Kinnick PACE Scholarship

Jessica Barkley

Rebecca Rodas

Mountain Crest Scholarship

Lucy Fengxian Balthazaar

Wyatt Henry Isaacs

Sawyer J. Viola

Pivotal Scholars Fund for Math/Science Teacher Education

Hafsa Awo

Laura Braun

Portland State University Laurels Graduate Tuition Remission Program

Natalie Begman

Jacob Carlson

Eva Frazee Darling

Katrina Dunbar

Kevin Frank

Rebecca Hagmuller

Elise Helms

Rachel Anne Herrick

Chantal Krystiniak

Lavinia Paola Magliocco

Nikki Malain

Stephanie Manzer

Jaime Andrea Rae Mathis

Hannah Ilene Nealy

Marie Danielle Oates

Dylan Palmer

Emily Rico

Amy Patterson Sandie

James Joseph Reling

Katrina Severin

Jessica Soleil

Nora Rose Stoelting

Sara Taferre

Jacqueline Pamela Turner

Holly Wigmore

Chelsea Woodman

Emily Yang

Renaissance Foundation College of Education Scholarship

Cesar Astudillo Zepada

Hafsa Awo

Thomas Benenati

Brandi Boyett

Laura Braun

Heather Renee Diaz

Sabrina Marie Hockett

Whitney Tran Kha

Karen Leon Moreno

Shirley Dawn Stanfield

Thomas A. Chambers Endowed Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers

Heather Renee Diaz

Katharine Dian Tapio

Learn more about scholarship on the College of Education website.

Top photo: Cesar Astudillo Zepada, who won the Renaissance Foundation and Friends of the COE scholarships, talks with companions during the awards celebration last week.

Middle photo: Scholarship winners and scholarship givers gather to mark the moment.

Bottom photo: Mountain Crest Scholarship winner Lucy Balthazaar offers her appreciation to all of those who helped her achieve her academic dreams during a speech at the awards event on Friday.

Photos courtesy of Andrea Lonas Photography

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