Bike path & sidewalk closures along Moody Ave: July 20 - Aug 7
Author: PSU Bike Hub, Transportation
Posted: July 17, 2015


Starting this Monday (July 20th) until August 7th, the west sidewalk and bike path along Moody Ave will be closed for safety improvements. The affected section will stretch between Sheridan St. and the Ross Island Bridge area. During this time, please detour to the east sidewalk. All pedestrians and cyclists will be sharing the same pathway so please ride carefully.

Changes will include:

  • Pedestrians will shift to the west side of the pathway away from the traffic lanes.
  • Bicyclists traveling both north and south will share the section of pathway closest to the curb. Additional striping will be added to delineate how each mode shares the space.
  • Railings will be added around the southbound Portland Streetcar stop at SW Moody & Meade.
  • Some crossing signals will be adjusted for improved safety.

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