Department of Chemistry Seminar Series: David Reingold, Portland State University
Friday, November 1, 2019 - 3:15pm
Department of Chemistry Seminar Series: David Reingold, Portland State University
Science Building 1, room 107, 1025 SW Mill Street
Free & open to the public


Portland State University Adjunct Assistant Professor, David Reingold, will present Singing Your Way Through Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry's weekly seminar series 

About Professor Reingold

Dr Reingold earned his BA at Dartmouth
College in 1971 and a PhD in 1976 from the University of Oregon. After a postdoc at the University of Alberta, he began a 34-year career teaching undergraduates at Haverford, Middlebury, Lewis & Clark, and Juniata College. He served as one of the first elected councilors of the Council on Undergraduate Research, was chair of the Chemistry Division in 1998-2000 and chair of the Finance committee from 1998-2001. He helped run the early versions of the CUR Proposal Writing Institute and has evaluated eight different chemistry departments for CUR, ACS, and as an independent contractor.

Dr Reingold received over $1.3 million in funding for his research on theoretically interesting molecules, especially strained semibullvalenes, and invented the TIM consortium, an REU site that is focused on an idea rather than a location and is still running after 16 years. Professor Reingold is Portland State University’s resident glassblower. He chaird the Portland Section of the American Chemistry Society in 2015.

About the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry maintains a teaching program of excellence at the undergraduate level and a graduate program emphasizing cutting-edge research in the chemistry of the environment, novel materials and biological systems. The Department's curriculum, faculty, library, and facilities of the department are accredited by the American Chemical Society.

The Department of Chemisty hosts eminent scholars from throughout the field of chemistry at our weekly seminar series.