Book Release Party: 'Thunder Go North' by PSU alum and affiliate faculty
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 4:00pm
Book Release Party: 'Thunder Go North' by PSU alum and affiliate faculty

Join us for the book release of Thunder Go North: The Hunt for Sir Francis Drake's Fair and Good Bay, written by Melissa Darby, PSU alumni and affiliate faculty in the Anthropology department. Hear a presentation about some of her findings.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 | 4 p.m.

Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 298


Praise for Thunder Go North:

“Darby’s book is a masterpiece of detective work into the various claims for the landing location of Drake and the Golden Hind in the summer of

1579. With similarities to the Cardiff Giant and Piltdown Man hoaxes, Darby’s work uncovers a potential scientific conspiracy by one of California’s most renowned historians. She masterfully weaves a tale of political intrigue, fraud, and ego into an academic treatise that reads more like a historical mystery novel. Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction!”

—Todd Braje, professor of anthropology, San Diego State University

“Thunder Go North embarks on a fresh investigation into a centuries-old ‘vexed question’: Where was Francis Drake’s 1579 landing place on North America’s Pacific Coast? Author Melissa Darby presents a compelling case that Drake most likely came ashore on the central coast of Oregon—far to the north of Drake’s Bay, near San Francisco, the allegedly ‘long-settled’ answer to that question. Darby’s conclusions cannot be ignored by Drake

scholars or others hoping to unlock this nearly 450-year-old puzzle. In ad dition, Thunder Go North reveals the incredibly tangled web of intrigue, duplicity, and hoax that has bedeviled past historians’ efforts to answer the ‘Where did Drake land?’ question.”

—Jeff LaLande, historian and archaeologist