2019 MFA Artist Talk - Alexander M Woodward
Monday, November 25, 2019 - 5:00pm
2019 MFA Artist Talk - Alexander M Woodward

Cusp brings together a body of work based around the changes and layering of time. A point where two curves meet is viewed as a left curve, the past; a right curve, the future; and a central point, the present. Guided by an initial memory of loss and camera technology from the late 1950s, the work is a gesture to connect with that which came before. By doing so, creating a moment for the past and future, to interact with the present. With imagery of the fading static of nature or the organized chaos of migratory birds, to the viewer seeing their own reflection in the work, the exhibit is a study to view time not on a line, but on a curve, as a demonstration of how every day, every moment, we are all on the cusp. 

Alexander M. Woodward

MFA Project Exhibition

MK Gallery
Art Building, 2nd floor
2000 SW 5th Ave
Portland, OR 97201

On view November 4-29

Artist Talk: November 25th, 5-6:30 pm
On Instagram @alexander.m.woodward

FREE and open to the public

Alexander M. Woodward is a visual artist based in Portland, OR with a studio practice centered around the construction of projections, installations, and sculptural objects. Through the use of analog iridescent and reflective materials combined with digital technologies and video, he creates layered imagery to discuss changes of time, and to look at the ways the past, present, and future all work to influence one another. He is currently an MFA candidate at Portland State University in Contemporary Art Practice. 

Alexander M. Woodward, Midpoint, 2019. Video still.


Cover image: Alexander M. Woodward, From Five Feet to Infinity (detail), 2019. Video still.